Laser Dentistry Chantilly VA

Chantilly Dental Center is equipped with the latest dental technology, including Biolase dental lasers. With these innovative and revolutionary dental tools, our dentists can more effectively provide safe and comfortable dentistry. Thanks to dental lasers, the need for anesthesia is nearly eliminated and recovery times are often much shorter than with traditional dentistry.

There are many benefits to laser dentistry because dental lasers can be used in so many ways! With dental lasers, our dentists can:

  • Speed the whitening process
  • Reduce sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Painlessly reshape (re-contour) the gums
  • Detect and fill cavities without anesthesia or drilling
  • Quickly heal cold sores

Thanks to laser dentistry, more procedures are becoming pain-free and convenient! If you would like to learn more about Biolase dental lasers or any of the advanced technology we use to improve your dental experience, please call or visit our office soon.