Gum Trimming

One of the most common complaints people have about their smile is how “gummy” it is. When gums cover too much of the teeth, they can cause the teeth to look too short or, in some cases, uneven or misshapen. Because we understand how important having a beautiful smile can be to your self-esteem, the dentists and dental team at Chantilly Dental Center offer gum trimming services.

With our gum trimming services, our professional dentists can sculpt the gum tissue to better show off your beautiful teeth.  Requiring just a small amount of local anesthetic, the procedure is often painless and recovery time is usually quick.

Gum trimming, also called gingival or gum contouring, is an affordable and convenient treatment for those who wish to improve the aesthetics of a “gummy” smile. In many cases, gum contouring takes just under an hour to complete, making it the perfect choice for our busier patients. If you are interested in learning more about gum trimming and your cosmetic dentistry treatment options, please call Chantilly Dental Center today!